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"Innovations and entrepreneurship in pharma-, bio- and cosmetic technologies" course!


Course Taught by Leading Professors and Business Leaders

  • Prof. Nikolay Denkov
  • Prof. Rumen Pankov
  • Prof. Veselin Tonchev
  • Georgi Kirov, PHD
  • Zahari Vinarov, PHD
  • Rositsa Tropcheva, PHD
Harvard Educated Lectors
  • Kiril Petkov
  • Assen Vassilev
  • Evgeny Angelov
  • Lena Borislavova
  • Daniel Lorer

Course Summary

The course aims to present an overview of the latest new technologies that drive the leading innovations in the field of pharmaceutical technologies, bio-technologies and cosmetics. The course will consist of four connected consecutive modules:

The first module will examine the difference between a scientific invention and an innovation. What is the role of the entrepreneur in creating innovations and what are the main prerequisites for creating a successful innovation that has a real realization in local and international markets. This module is designed to determine the direction of innovation that has the highest chance of success based on a proper analysis of the local economic environment, and the forces that affect each company and industry locally and internationally.

The second and third modules will present the latest advances in genetic engineering; use of stem cells; bioinformatics; AI; in-vitro, in-vivo and in-silico methods for bioactivity and safety assessment. The focus is on scientific technologies, which are developing the fastest in recent years and are key in the creation of new pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic products. The main requirements for the formulation of final products – stability, safety, rheological and organoleptic properties, as well as the requirements for the components (natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic) that provide these properties will be considered. The general engineering approach of TRIZ for searching for new solutions in the process of invention will also be considered

The last module will present the main elements of the structure of a business, marketing research, intellectual property protection, basics of the negotiation process, sources and structure of funding, team formation and management, prototyping and scaling of production, export in a competitive international environment. A model for creating high added value based on a successful model for innovation in marketing and business positioning – added value outside the product characteristics will also be considered. Specific examples of innovation in biotechnology, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical technologies will also be considered.

The official language of the course is English, this includes the lectures, discussions and the final presentations and papers for finishing the course.

Application Process Is Closed

To apply for admission, please send an e-mail to casi@casi.bg with the following information:

* Submit a short Cover Letter / Motivational Essay of up to 350 words

* Submit a recent CV.

Please, note that successful applicants must have passed their second college degree year and at the time of application be enrolled in their third (at least) year.

The list with admitted participants for the next course will be announced in the beginning of Month, Year.

*Note: all submitted files must be in pdf format.